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If your question can't be resolved by searching our extensive knowledge base, please use the Web Form in the portal to make our team aware of the need for assistance.

We tried to make it easy and simple to open a ticket in the system, as much as possible, and we ask for your cooperation in providing us with as much relevant information as possible about the subject. It will help us provide you with better and quicker support.

Important fields in the Form:

  • Subject - Please include a concise description of the issue
  • Classification - What is the nature of the ticket? Is it a technical or operation issue? Is it an Attack Log you need help with?
  • Priority - Please let us know the impact this issue has on your environment
  • Component - For an issue in an endpoint  please choose Protector. for an operational issue with the console or a setup please choose Server.
  • Version Range - Let us know the major version of the component (2.7, 3.0, 3.5 etc.)
  • Description - Describe the issue, the scenario, the impact and any other information that can expedite our reproduction and investigation process: The endpoint's OS version (7/10), platform, Service Pack, Is it on a virtual machine and which technology is it? If a 3rd party application is involved please include the exact version.

            Please include any supporting logs and screenshots that can help us to better understand the issue. 

Thank you for your cooperation.