Protect your business from zero-days and evasive advanced threats with Moving Target Defense. Morphisec works behind the scenes to safeguard your applications and web browsers and prevent any attempts at access. You get powerful, ubiquitous protection that is deceptively simple to operate, no compromises. 

How it Works 

1. MORPH & CLOAK: Turning endpoints into unpredictable targets As an application loads to the memory space, Morphisec’s polymorphic engine mutates the process structure. Locations of libraries, functions, variables and other data segments are transformed in a controlled manner. Each run is unique, per process instance, making the memory constantly unpredictable to attackers. 

2. PROTECT & DECEIVE: Controlled access to the morphed structure Next, the legitimate application code is made aware of the new locations of its required resources. The application continues to load normally and runs without any change to its behavior. Morphisec keeps a lightweight dummy of the original application memory to use as a trap. 

3. PREVENT & UNCOVER: Neutralize and expose attacks Attacks target the original structure, unaware that it’s now a dummy. Lacking knowledge of the new structure, malicious code cannot access the functions it needs and fails to execute – the kill chain is stopped as it begins. Attacks are prevented, trapped and logged, together with rich forensic data for analysis. 

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